Normal Damage And Countermeasure Of Bearing






Be stripped Running surface is stripped and rugged

Overload;                          Improper useage;              Installation error;                Low precision of shaft or bearing box;                  Smaller interference and uncertain matter invades leads to rust;                  Too high temperature results in lower hardness

Restudy the using conditions;  Reselect bearing;  Reconsider the interference;Check the process of precision of shaft and bearing; Research bearing design; Check installation method; Check lubrication and lubricating way


Fire burn Heating bearing discolored and then burn and can not rotate

The interference is smaller; Insufficient lubrication and unsuitable lubricant;          Over-load;          Roller deflection

Set proper interference; Check lubricant kind and guarantee the injection volume;Check using condition;Avoid location error;          Check bearing design;            Imporve bearing assembling way


Crack notch Partial notch and crack Impact load is too large;  Interference is too much; There is too big stripping; Lower installation accurancy; Friction crack;    Wrong usage Check usage conditions;Set proper interference and check materials; Improve installation and using way;  Avoid friction crack;Check bearing design


Cage damage Rivet loose or broken;                 Cage broken Torgue overload;          High speed rorate or revolution speed varies frequently;Lower lubrication; Uncertainty invades; Big vibration;    Wrong installation; Abnormal rise temperature Check using conditions; Check lubrication conditions;    Restudy cage selection; Pay attention to bearing usage;  Research the rigidity of shaft and bearing box


Damaged caused by friction and seizing-up The surface is rough with tiny deposited;                                  There is friction damaged between ring edge and roller end face. Lower lubrication; Uncertainty invades; Roller deviation caused by tilting of the bearing; Off oil from edge caused by excessive axial load;  Large surface roughness; Roller sliding Restudy the lubricant and lubricating way; Check using conditions; Set proper pre-loading;Enhance sealing performance


Rust corrosion Partial or all rust on the surface;                  Roller tooth pitch rust Incorrect storage condition; Wrong packing; Anti-rust inadequate; Water and acid solution invade;  Take bearings directly by hands Avoid rust during storage;    Enhance sealing performace; Check lubricating oil regularly; Pay attention to the bearing usage


Corrosion Mating surface generates red rust wearing powder Insufficient interference; Smaller shaking angle of bearing;  Insufficient lubrication; Instable load; Shaking while transport Check interference and lubricant coating conditions; Separate out ring and inner ring while transport;  Can not increase pre-load while separation; Reselect lubricant and bearing


Abrasion Surface abrasion leads to size changeable,always has friction damage and polishing scratch Uncertain matter invade lubricant; Lower lubrication; Roller tilting Check lubricant and lubricating way;  Enhance sealing performance; Avoid position error


Electro-crrosion Rolling surface has fire button shaping steel pit after further development will become plate rolling surface shape Rolling surface electrified Make current valve;  Take insulation measures; Avoid current going into inside of bearing


Indentation scratches Solid uncertaiin matter invade or pound lead to the steel pit and installation scratches of the surface Solid uncertain matter invade; Stripping plate seizing-up; Improper installation results in impact and drop; Installing while tilting Improve installation and usage method; Avoid uncertan matter invading; Check other aspects if scratches caused by sheet metal


Creepage Internal or external diameter sliding result in mirror plate or discolor Interference insufficiente of distribution containing;  Sleeve fastening is not enough;  Abnormal temperature rising;  Overload Restudy interference;  Research using conditions;                                      Check shaft and bearing box accurancy

Post time: Sep-25-2018
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