Industrial Blowers


Bearing used in industrial fans can operate in high speed condition and minor radial load.These bearings may also operate at extremely high or low temperatures or in locations that are difficult to maintain.Air flow is often used to transport materials. As time past,the material will stick to the impeller,resulting in imbalance and even reduce the normal operation time and service life of the fan. So, high requirement for bearing treatment are put forward in industrial fans.We can provide ceramic bearing to extend the service life of variable-frequency drive fan as well as offering insulated bearing to solve the problem of the stray current that is introduced into the bearing by frequency converter. Thus, it can improve the reliability of the re-circulation fan and reduce the cost of maintenance.

Application in industrial fans area. Mainly installed bearing types are as follows:
Cylindrical roller bearing
Spherical roller bearing
Insulated bearing
Ceramic bearing

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