• Introduction Of Bearing Usage

    Rolling bearing is kind of precise base spare part. In order to keep its precision,we must be cautious while use it.For example, assemble and disassemble accurately,keep bearing clear,prevent foreign matters from invading,avoid strong collision and prevent bearing from rust and so on, these are a...
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  • Bearing Table

    Table for the bearing steel chemical composition Chemical Composition(%)   No. C Mn Si Cr S P Ni Cu HB   <   GCr15 0.95-1.05 0.20-0.4 0.15-0.35 1.30-1.65 0.020 0.027 0.30 0.25 170-207   Table ofor the contrast of ...
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  • Normal Damage And Countermeasure Of Bearing

    Item Phenomenon Reason Measure 1 Be stripped Running surface is stripped and rugged Overload;                          Improper useage;              Installation error;                Low precision of shaft or bearing box;                  Smaller interference and uncertain mat...
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