Steel Factory


The steel industry is characterized by harsh conditions and extreme temperatures. And these features are heavy and continuous impact loads,grinding dust,corrosive chemicals and high humidity. Under such working conditions, steel equipment’s performance were reduced resulting in unplanned downtime and were difficult to carry out effective equipment maintenance.

We provide large-scale spherical roller bearing that can bear heavy weight and high impulsive load. The rotating arm of the ladle rotary supporting device in the continuous casting

production line is supported by larger roller bearings. The thrust aligning roller bearing supports the ladle while the cylindrical roller bearing is used to withstand the overturning moment. In order to prevent bearing from being affected by high temperature steel billet oxide and cooling water, the pillow block needs to be water-cooled, including plate sealing and labyrinth sealing.
Application in steel equipment area. Mainly installed bearing types are as follows:
Deep groove ball bearing
Cylindrical roller bearing
Spherical roller bearing
Tapered roller bearing
Thrust roller  bearing
Needle bearing

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