Introduction Of Bearing Usage

Rolling bearing is kind of precise base spare part. In order to keep its precision,we must be cautious while use it.For example, assemble and disassemble accurately,keep bearing clear,prevent foreign matters from invading,avoid strong collision and prevent bearing from rust and so on, these are all the points that we should pay attention to.


A: Bearing custody

The bearings are coated with anti-rust oil before packing.It can keep bearing in good condition if the packing is good while in the long term storage, it should be kept under the condition of 60% humidity.


B:Preparation before bearing installation

Bearing installation need a clean and dry place. In order to avoid dust invading, do not open the packing before bearing installation. The anti-rust oil has good lubrication performance, as for the common bearings can be installed directly without cleaning. However, as per high speed rotating bearings, it should clean out the anti-rust oil by using special clean oil.

Clean shaft and outer covering carefully.The installation surface must have no burrs and hole in outer covering can not have iron fillings and sand grains. Double check the shaft and outer covering ,both size and shaping error must conform to the drawings. All the installing tools must be clean and match with technology requirement. It can coat with a little mechanical oil on shaft and outer covering surface before bearing installation.


C:Cautions while bearing installation

If bearing is mounted on shaft then stressing in inner ring, if mounted in outer covering then stressing in outer ring.

It should be put equal pressure in the circumferential of ring surface and forbid using hammer to knock on the ring surface directly.

If the interference between the inner ring and shaft is too big or the shaft neck size is too big, it will need more pressure when install bearing under normal temperature.However, we can heat hearing so that inner ring will expand then we can continue install.

Usually bearing was heated from oil tank. To ensure the uniform temperature of bearing, it should be put on the metal net frame of oil tank or hang it up in the oil to heat up.Also,oil temperature can not exceed 120 degree.After the installation of hot bearing,we should press the inner ring and shaft shoulder tightly until complete cooling of the bearing as to avoid the gap between inner ring and shaft shoulder. In addition,we can also use induction heating device to heat the bearings.


D:Inspection after bearing installation

We should make rotating test to confirm whether bearing installation is correct or not after bearing was installed. At first,revolve the shaft or outer covering by hand.If it has no abnormity, then start the rotating test from low speed to high speed step by step. During the rotating ,if it has abnormal noise or sharply temperature raising then we should stop rotating and check for it.


E: Dismantling of bearing

When use the bearing, we should check or change the parts regularly. Sometimes it need dismantle bearings. To prevent shaft,outer covering and bearing from damage , we must use appropriate dismantling tool. For example, use the withdraw sleeve to dismantle conveniently.

Post time: Sep-25-2018
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